Ronald de Vos will be assuming the role of director at Besseling Techniek, succeeding Hans Stedehouder

Hans Stedehouder steps down as Director of Besseling Techniek, with Ronald de Vos assuming the role effective April 2nd. De Vos will lead a dedicated team that has developed Roofmaster roof washers to become a global standard for efficient greenhouse washing, coating, and cleaning. “While ‘Rooftop’ remains our core business, we are also looking to expand,” says the ambitious successor.

After 27 years, Stedehouder bids farewell to the company resulting from the merger of his initial venture, All Techniek, with Besseling in 1997. “Both companies were active in mechanical engineering when roof washers were emerging,” he reflects. “Seeking growth in personnel, production capacity, and premises, Besseling was ready for new leadership. The synergy created a stronger entity, allowing us to better respond on the rising trend of roof washing.”

Roofmaster and Roofmaster Light

During this period, Besseling Techniek exclusively supplied to a major distributor. The conclusion of this partnership in 2003 marked a pivotal moment. Stedehouder secured sales rights for the Roofmaster roof washer and promptly launched the Roofmaster Light, which quickly gained popularity. Over time, the equipment has evolved with added functionalities and accessories. Today, these self-developed, multifunctional machines are capable of washing, gutter brushing, temporary coating application, and specific cleaning agent removal.

Transition from Africa to Technology

Ronald de Vos, though technically trained, ventured into the floriculture industry at a young age. He spent 14 years at Royal Flora Holland in various roles, culminating in a key account management position in Kenya. In 2017, he assumed the role of Managing Director at the local branch of Dutch Flower Group, also in Kenya, overseeing commercial activities, quality management, logistics, and exports globally.

“I returned to the Netherlands last year,” he explains. “My time in Africa was incredibly enriching, but after almost nine years, I felt it was time for something different. I longed to pursue technology at a managerial level, so I came into contact with Hans quite quickly.”

Embracing the Dawn

De Vos joined the team on January 1st and has swiftly acclimated to his role. He eagerly anticipates realizing the team and parent company Green Technology Group’s aspirations.

“Even prior to my arrival, Management and GTG expressed a desire for expanded operations, leveraging available knowledge and expertise,” he elaborates. “We’re intensifying product development efforts, with Hans continuing as a technical advisor in the interim. The majority of his responsibilities have transitioned to me. I feel at home in this role and within our cohesive team. Nowadays, more than 70% of our turnover comes from exports and I bring some experience in that area. Together we will further promote and realize our current slogan ‘Harvesting the daylight’ for our customers. With such slogan, we underscores our vision of not merely being deck washer manufacturers but producers of enhanced daylight and growth. Our plans to embody and expand upon this vision will unfold in the years ahead.”

Acknowledgments and Confidence

Although Stedehouder will maintain his ties with the company, he wishes to extend his gratitude and offer a few parting words. “I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks to my wife, family, employees, customers, and suppliers for their unwavering support and trust. Without them, none of this would have been possible. I have full confidence in Ronald’s abilities and wish him every success in his fulfilling and challenging role as Director of Besseling Techniek.”