Besseling renewed

The company Besseling Techniek from Heerhugowaard, developer and producer of the worldwide known Roofmaster roofwashers, is taking a different approach this year. Not only does the name and the complete corporate identity of the company change; the Roofmaster itself is also positioned differently.

Besseling techniek completes new branding

Look up and you’ll see it: Cleaning and chalking with one machine.

Besseling Techniek

At Besseling’s we call it #RoofwasherTuesday

Besseling Techniek turned the regular Tuesday into #RoofwasherTuesday.

Every Tuesday we will shine our light on recent news, an innovation, a project, sparepart or anything else that is related to roof washing as such.

Besseling Techniek

Besseling Techniek on tradeshows and events

An overview of the tradeshows and events where we can be seen.

NH Nieuws

Besseling Techniek on TV

A few weeks ago this amazing video was made by a local Television Network, to show the viewers what we do.

Ronald de Vos will be assuming the role of director at Besseling Techniek, succeeding Hans Stedehouder

Ronald de Vos succeeds Hans Stedehouder as director of Besseling Techniek