Besseling renewed

The company Besseling Techniek from Heerhugowaard, developer and producer of the worldwide known Roofmaster roofwashers, is taking a different approach this year. Not only does the name and the complete corporate identity of the company change; the Roofmaster itself is also positioned differently.

Where previously attention was focused on technical distinctiveness, quality and service; from now on, attention is focused on the extra yield of sunlight that an investment in a Roofmaster yields. Commercial manager Jorien Plak-Schouten: “For over 30 years, our company has been making roofwashers and with more than 500 Roofmasters providing growers with a clean greenhouse in the most diverse places in the world, the market knows what Besseling stands for: strong, reliable machines you can rely on.

We notice, however, that in recent years much attention has been given to optimizing the layout of the greenhouse, development of harvesting machines, types of glass and coating, but that for whatever reason even some reputable companies do not invest in their own roofwasher. Which is unfortunate, because the value of daylight is expressed in the golden rule of ‘1% light equals 1% production’. Jokingly, we sometimes say that the Roofmaster is also a harvesting machine: namely one that harvests daylight. Our new subtitle is therefore: “Harvest the daylight. ”

With a fresh design, new logos, different website and new employees, Besseling Techniek, as the company is now called, has literally changed its face. “People will meet us at fairs, events and of course at the greenhouse itself. The Roofmaster as a daylight harvesting machine, with the well-known quality and service of course. ”