About us: the Besseling Roofmaster

You could say that we make roof washers at Besseling Techniek. Advanced machines for washing the roofs of large greenhouses manually, semi or fully automatically. Sustainable and effective. An impressive combination of reliable usage and economical water consumption. Light weight and extremely solid. With a lifespan that you do not measure in years, but in decades.

And yes, the Roofmaster of Besseling Techniek indeed cleans the roof of your greenhouses and keeps the gutters free of dirt. So you could say that.

But then you would be mistaken.

Besseling Techniek

Cleaner glass, more light in the greenhouse

At Besseling Techniek we do not make equipment for washing greenhouses. We make machines that provide more light in the greenhouse. That is an important difference. A clean greenhouse is not dirty. But a greenhouse that lets in more light delivers more. Every additional percentage light provides one percent more yield.

The Roofmaster ensures that your greenhouse yields more. According to our customers it is four percent more, and in areas with a lot of pollution this percentage can increase considerably.

Besseling Techniek

Investment in higher returns

This means that the purchase of a Roofmaster is an investment in a higher yield. An investment with a higher return than a comparable machine. Additional advantage: more flexibility. Because you decide when and how often you wash.

We deliver on that promise through an effective, reliable and economical greenhouse roof washer, tailor-made and with short delivery times. Moreover, there is always someone who can call you if there is a malfunction.

Besseling Techniek
Besseling Techniek

30 years of innovation

Our products are the result of more than 30 years of a drive for innovation with a keen eye for the wishes of growers all over the world. Including areas with a lot of dust and extreme temperatures, such as the Middle East. This has resulted in scrubbers that are more stable, more robust, more reliable and more economical than any other system.

We build all components in-house, including the operating system. This means we are not dependent on suppliers. This gives us more flexibility and control over the quality and delivery time.

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Besseling Techniek
Besseling Techniek

For all types of Venlo greenhouses

There is a Roofmaster for every type of Venlo greenhouse. The operating system developed in-house works with every climate system on the market. Optionally via a handy app on your phone or tablet. For other types of greenhouses we are happy to think along with you for a customized solution.

Besseling Techniek
Besseling Techniek

Excellent customer service

In case there is a malfunction. This is usually easy to solve yourself. For other cases, our customer service is ready for you. Not only with a listening ear, but also with a ready-made solution. Our service receives a very high rating from our customers. We are very proud of that.

Harvest the daylight

In this way we ensure every day that greenhouse growers around the world benefit as much as possible from daylight. Harvest the daylight with the Roofmaster of Besseling Techniek.

Besseling Techniek