Sustainability not as a fashion word, but as a promise

Arcadia Chrysanthemums, the Netherlands – Mr. van Ruijven

At 5 locations in the Netherlands, Arcadia grows a total of more than 20 hectares of chrysanthemums and annually produces 50 million high-quality branches. About 10 years ago, the first Roofmaster was purchased and it is still being used. “We think sustainability is important and luckily we see that reflected in several ways in the Roofmaster of Besseling Techniek. ”

In total there are 4 machines in operation at Arcadia, all of which wash about 7 times a year. Diffuse glass is installed in a number of greenhouses, in combination with the roofwasher, this provides around 15-20% more light according to personal experience.

Arcadia is socially responsible and sees similarities with Besseling Techniek. “We regularly carry out tests, such as for energy-efficient cultivation. This puts us at the forefront of ‘The New Cultivation’, with which we want to optimize both technology and cultivation. Over the years, the Roofmaster has proven itself to be efficient, energy efficient and reliable and is in line with our ideas about future-proof cultivation. Small maintenance is done by our own technical man, for larger interventions a Besseling technician comes. The older machines run just as often and smooth as the newer machines; you don’t easily see the age of the machines. The oldest Roofmaster has earned back his investment for a long time, but I think it will still last at least 10 years. That is exceptional nowadays”