The roofmaster is a guarantee for more light output

JGS, the Netherlands – Mr. Joosten

The JGS company is based in Someren, the Netherlands, and grows 8.5 hectares of bell peppers. In 2016 all the greenhouses were destroyed by hailstorms; the current greenhouses are new including all installations. “The greenhouses have diffuse glass with a double AR coating. If you opt for that kind of glass, you cannot do without your own roofwasher in my eyes. The new building generates around 5% more production than was achieved in the old garden and there is an expansion planned for 2020 that will again include a Roofmaster. ”

A semi-automatic machine was chosen and “does what it has to do.” An all-in service contract has been chosen, but due to the age of the machine not much maintenance has been required. “It is nice to know that if something is wrong, a technician will come by and do his thing so that the machine can continue to do what it was purchased for: generate more light input.”