A refurbished machine was a very nice opportunity for me

Gällenäs Gronsaker AB Sweden – Mr. Peter van Schie

Peter van Schie, owner of Gällenäs Gronsaker AB in Bralanda, Zweden, has purchased a totally revised machine from us in 2020.

“Because of the rather small surface of 5000m, on which we grow several types of vegetables, it was very interesting for me to buy a second hand machine. A new machine was definately a bridge too far.

This machine was traded in by an English customer and was renewed by the specialists at Besseling Techniek. It does what it should do and I like the fact that we don’t have the slightest notion that this machine has washed many meters already. It was equiped with a new steering unit, brushes, hoses, cables drive gear and even with the mobile application. I can start the machine when I am at home on my couch, or even when I am not around.

When I think of it, it is quite funny. When this machine was originally built, mobile phones were hard to find haha”.